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December 2016

Carlbot is another build very close to completion. I am a very big fan of Carl Sagan, and decided I needed a robotoic version of him spouting wise remarks stolen from his amazing series (the original) 'Cosmos'. I began this build a couple years ago, and I thought it was going to be a relatively easy build. Instead it turned into an electronics learning curve that was extreamly steep. 

I am not good with electronics.

Though I am getting better.

To date I've had help from a couple fellows at work trying to help me make my mechanics co-operate with Arduino controlled servos and sound sample playing. A huge chunk of credit belongs to my friend and ex-co-worker Anthony who helped me navigate all the electronics issues.

I must also note that the face was a .stl file found on Thingverse and sculpted by a fellow known as Mushogenshin Kyakunohoshi. (See the Thing Tag for a link.) I have made some minor changes and trimmed a few bits to make a 'dummy-style' head so as I can make him talk.

More photos, videos and details of the build to come as I wrap up this quite challenging automata.

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