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February 2018

'Mousy, Mousie, Mochi...' shows two mice making mochi in the traditional Japanese Mouse way.

The small mice are hand carved from yellow cedar, and I have taken great care to polish up various parts with beeswax polish. Love that stuff...

The box is made from antique Japanese kiri (paulownia) recovered from old tansu that were too far gone to restore.

Interesting note: because the kiri resists fire, (that's why the ancient Japanese used it for storing their valuables), when you cut the wood with a laser cutter, you can achieve deep cuts with very little scorching as compared with birch ply.

Mousy, Mousie, Mochi...

This is the first time this cat has shown any interest in these mice. Seriously!!

It's supposed to squeak! Mice, you know??

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