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The Drop Bear

This little guy will tear your face off if you're not carefull! At least that's what Aussie pal Jesse convinced me of. It inpired me to make this beasty.

Drop bears are evil Koalas that wait in the eucalyptus trees and drop on unsuspecting tourists, munching on thier necks. It's true!

Built for co-worker Mike in 2013, abandoned but rescued by another Aussie pal Nathan this past year, 'The Drop Bear' shows a naive tourist unaware of an impending gnarling. The crank is turned and the fella drops the map, turning sideways to glance at the 'cuteness'. As he turns back, the evil little scratcher turns towards the tourist and his eyes light up and his pointy little teeth make an appearence...

Hey look! You tube videos!

Here's the Bear in action. (Please excuse any low mumblings in the soundtrack...)

A closeup on his beady little eyes and his nasty pointy teeth

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